That Sizzling Saturday!

Yeah, so a Saturday passed by and believe me, it was the best! Had lots of fun with friends and everything. But one thing that I am going to remember is those awesome Sizzlers we had at the new restaurant in town…oooh…that was some stuff!
So this is how it all started:

It was a Saturday, we were all bored (by we, I mean me and three other guys who are by best buddies), and by chance we had some money in our pocket…and Voilà!
We went around hanging about, jumping around the places… (The gaming arcade thing took all our money)…then we discovered, that we were hungry…so we came across this awesome and expensive Sizzler thingy. We went for it! And guess what? We ended up not finishing the whole thing though. What did you think? All I do is write sonnets? Hell, no!

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